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Prices updated!


Every downloadable product is yours to use unlimited times, there are no hidden fees or recurring licenses. If the product is not as installation package (.deb) then currently the other downloadables contains the sourcecode that you can tinker to match better for your needs (Python).


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Information of product for energy sector

Hi Fella!

I’d like to inform that Paxsudos IT has made spot-electricity optimizer tool (AI), that optimizes the electricity cost. PoC has been done, and now I’m waiting for some electricity company to take the ball. The software optimizes when to save energy for later use, and when to charge ‘battery’ in cheap times.

The thing is, that the larger savings are coming if the utility is used in large scale, and that’s why I’m seeking electricity company to work with.

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RFA: Presenting Hands-on testing video of usage

Robot Testing-framework analyzer in action, in this one shot video!

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My public PGP-keys are now at PGP-keyserver

I’ve updated my public-pgp-keys to be available for email addresses and

Fastest way to get started is to get two apps from Google Play:

Software for email:

and then get the PGP-encryption manager software:

They seem to be very good, setup takes few minutes, and then you can seamlessy encrypt/decrypt messages.

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I’m happy to tell: The Store is OPEN again.

Now I’m happy to tell you, that the issues with payment plugin got solved: There was missing software package witch did not got installed when the plugin was installed. I hunted down the PHP package in question and installed it to the server.


To celebrate this event we are giving away new SALE coupon and one day license for the GoogleTest-robot output processing, just for a 1€ per day.

There’s no catch, no subscriptions, no hidden fees, no nothing fishy.


I say an 1€ per day for a this caliber of tool, is very affordable.


If you work with automated testing, I’m quite sure you WILL like the tool.


The Robot Framework Analyser (RFA) does the hard work, without errors or missing some item etc. It helps testing fellows to do more in a day than just checking excel-sheets and comparing. The RFA will analyse from the comparison what has happened and why.

If your organisation is run by one fellow or you are working in company with thousands of testing people: The price is the same: 1€ per day, and your organisation has full access the time you buy the license for.

If there’s a lot of excels to browse, it takes a lot of time, but with the RFA, the time spent by one comparison is counted in seconds.

Pretty fair you say ?