Paxsudos IT – English

Install Thunderbird with OpenPGP to securelly contact us!

Install how to’s for Thunderbird and OpenPGP:

MAC installation or

Mac’s own e-mail software

Linux installation

Windows installation

After Thunderbird installation, chack that OpenPGP is installed:


We do not discuss details over unsecured discussion channel, please do as follows:

  • Mail to us via thrunderbird, so that your email is digitally signed and not encrypted first.
    • That mail should not contain any sensitive information, we’re intrested of your public-key.
  • We send you email in reply, that has our key, and no sensitive data. Now you can encrypt.
  • Send us mail that is encrypted and digitally signed, wait for our reply.
  • When you have successfully read our reply message, the channel is secured.

Now you can discuss with us knowing that no one else see communications between us.