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Intel’s NUC based Linux mini-servers

Intel's NUC based Linux mini-servers are hardworking workers of small business or heart of home automation or multimedia centers. This very site is running on one.

Test users have had now, about a year, device’s in use and NO COMPLAINTS from them, so I think i’m doing something right 😀

InformationBrick is a NUC that has tuned up Linux installation, provided as ready installed and USB Stick that has Base linux installation, one needs install base from the USB Stick and then use timeshift to restore the backup from that USB stick that has OS+customisations saved as a backup, so DONT LOSE IT.

I highly recommend extra USB-harddisc or stick for backups.

The Premium InformationBrick can do:

Nameserver for homenetwork (with caching)


Domain(s) + (free) SSL certificate for it / them


Customer’s domain(s) + (free) SSL certificate for it / them

WWW server (with php7.4 ja SSL support)

Email server, with IMAP ja POP3 (SSL supported).

Fileserver(s) (NFS & Samba)

Support and Maintenance as needed.


Videos about NUC’s: