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I am an engineer with strong Linux-background with embedded devices. I’ve lived almost whole my life in Oulu, Finland.

I graduated as an Electronics and Informationtechnology -engineer from VAMK at summer of 2005.

I can see pretty quickly solutions that are doable, I think that if you can imagine something; Then you can slice the idea to pieces and grind them to smaller ones so that the are doable.

Many times, i’ve setup for a task that i do not know alot, but still i’ve managed to transfer the hazy idea what have come to mind in to action, and honed it to right direction as I learn the specifications.

I’ve almost all the time worked with HW / SW layer, the middleware, drivers etc. for operating systems

For the diploma work, i did do a Linux firewall setup via custom PHP software that allowed COMPLETE iptables command variations, and had user rights managment of the php software with in itself. At that time i’ve modified kernel to allow plain text search of raw network traffic (That had not supported at then, so i did that, and fixed a SMP related bug of the network-driver).

I have worked with x86-, PowerPC ja ARM setups, sometime with assembler. My main motivation is ti know lot of people is using the stuff that I’ve done. Happy customer is nice, even when they do not know who has done, the thing they’re using.

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