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Tietoa minusta

I’m an engineer (Eletronics & Informationtechnology, AMK, 2005) that is specialised to embedded software. I’m from Oulu, and pretty much all my life have been at Oulu.

I can comprehend quite fast problems, and convert the idea of mine, to working code. I’ve done things starting from assembler and C (hardware drivers, interrupt handlers etc.), to Python and PHP.

I think that, if one can imagine problem and chop it to smaller bites, means one can solve it by solving little bite sized problems of the bigger problem.

I’ve almost all the time, have been doing work that has some linux aspect, so I got quite good base knowledge of the Linux subsystems etc.

The processor families I’ve worked on are: x86-, PowerPC- and ARM. Assembler + C level. My main motivation is to know that the customers are happy, and to do such things that are used by millions of people, f.ex. time when I’ve worked with Nokia as graphical subsystem coder.

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